Electrical Work

Electrify Your Home in Citrus Heights, CA

Always stay connected with our electrical repair services

When your electricity is out, it's easy to feel frustrated. You have to shuffle your routine around getting dressed in the dark and taking cold showers. If you own a business, experiencing a power outage means less productivity and decreased sales. Alleviate those issues by letting KOB Construction handle your electrical repair services. We'll happily repair any electrical problem in your home or office in Citrus Heights, CA.

Do you need electrical services in Citrus Heights, CA? Call 916-850-5209 to schedule your appointment. Our electrician is glad to assist.

Let a skilled electrician handle your electrical services

Fiddling with complicated wiring and electrical outlets is dangerous. That's why we offer comprehensive electrical services. Hiring an electrician also saves you time and money. Our electrician is skilled in the following areas:

  • Appliance mounting
  • Low- and high-voltage wiring
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Television cabling

If you're in Citrus Heights, CA and need electrical services, call us now to speak with an electrician.